Social Dance Party

Come join us to practice your new dance moves and to have a great time on select Friday evenings of each month! Please check the calendar for our party schedule.

Time: 8:00pm -10:00pm     $12 admission,

(8pm: Fun Group Class, 8:30pm-10pm: Social Dancing)

Hosted by Rick, Jennifer, & William

Come dance the night away with us!

Social Ballroom Dancing has many physical and emotional benefits! Did you know it can also help improve your social skills and make new friends? Many people start and continue in ballroom dancing to improve their social life, confidence, or even relationships. Knowing how to get more dances at social dance parties can be a bit of a mystery. When you go to a social dance party, whether as a couple or as a single, getting to dance a lot throughout the evening is what makes it so fun! Go get your short blue prom dresses style, find the best one And if you aren’t getting enough dances, you may wonder what you could do to improve your chances of dancing more frequently.

I have found that becoming a great partner will most definitely improve your chances of having more dances. While there are many facets to being a good dance partner, I have found that there are 6 secrets that really make a difference in getting more dances at social dance parties. But what are those secrets?

Not to worry! I’m here to help! The 6 secrets discussed in this article are not focused around being the best looking dancer or executing the fanciest footwork. These secrets are focused on how to make your partner glad you danced with him/her and to make the dance enjoyable for both of you. And when you do those things, you will definitely get more dances!

Dance Parties

Dance Parties

Dance Parties